Koby Kobayashi Davis Marauders #22

Koby Kobayashi Davis Marauders #22

Name: Christian “Koby” Kobayashi Age: 27

Team: (in photo) Davis Marauders

Jersey number: 22 Location: Bay Area

I was introduced to paintball at 17. Never even knew what the sport was about. Buddy of mine had his dad and some friends take us out to the “sticks” for some good ole woodsball. My first experience was having my buddies dad roll up behind me and basically “hopper dump” into my back. From that initial moment of immense pain I fell in love. Throughout the years I’ve played just about every facet this sport has to offer: magfed, pump, mechanical, scenario, woodsball, 10 man, and now speedball. Paintball has allowed me to be apart of one of the most diverse communities EVER. Doesn’t matter what race you are, what your religion is, Politics, worldview, etc. so long as your not an asshole and YOUR NOT A SCAMMER, the community is generally very supportive and helpful. At the end of the day I would say find that one thing that puts you at peace. For all the stress and chaos that paintball brings I am at my most relaxed state when I’m out there balling on the field.

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